Pressure Washing in Calvert County, MD

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Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to keep their homes looking their absolute best and finding efficient ways to eliminate dirt and grime that accumulates on your home’s exterior and improve your home’s curb appeal. While people have utilized pressure washing in the past, EcoTek Power Wash has utilized soft washing techniques to help reduce our environmental impact. EcoTek Power Wash has made it our mission to be carbon-neutral and establish ourselves as the best power washing company in Calvert County, MD. EcoTek Power Wash, the best power washing company in Calvert County, MD, has the experience to quickly and thoroughly take care of roof stains, dirty siding, moldy decks, and sidewalks. We as a team offer residential and commercial power washing services – including large commercial buildings, government facilities, and everything in between. Our services include:
Pressure Washing Services

Most homeowners want to improve their home’s curb appeal and seem to think that their only options revolve around repainting the exterior or trimming the hedges. However, with the right pressure washing services, you can achieve similar curb appeal boosting results. Our team specializes in using soft washing to provide a greener alternative to other power washing techniques.

Our top-rated power washing company in Calvert County, MD, utilizes less abrasive and harmful chemicals in our power washing process to help reduce the negative impact on the environment. At the same time, providing the same level of cleanness that you have come to expect from a professional power washing.

Roof Cleaning

Our power washing company in Calvert County, MD, doesn’t only help customers get the exterior of their home looking its best — we also help your roof! Our roof cleaning services focus on clearing debris and contaminants from your roof that can potentially cause long-term damage. Our roof cleaning services allow you to attack the leaves, branches, and other debris accumulated over time. The mixture of chemicals and water will firmly but gently wash away the debris from your roof and gutters, leaving behind a fresh and clean-looking roof that looks like it was freshly installed yesterday.

Commercial Power Washing

Residential homes aren’t the only buildings that can benefit from our services. Commercial power washing can help elevate the appearance of your business and help improve that first impression. Our team employs similar techniques we use for our residential customers and applies them to our commercial customers. Commercial power washing not only helps improve the curb appeal of your space but also helps limit the number of future repairs you may need and promotes a healthier environment inside and out. With the help of the best power washing company in Calvert County, MD, your commercial properties will stand out from your competition! If your home or business needs some help to make the best first impression possible, EcoTek Power Wash is here to help! Contact us to schedule an appointment today!