Pressure Washing in Fairfax County, VA

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The exterior of your home provides visitors and passersby the first impression of you and your family. A well-maintained exterior helps put your home’s best foot forward, but keeping that look can prove challenging without some help. That’s where EcoTek Power Wash, the #1 power washing company in Fairfax County, VA, can help! 

Our team has built our reputation as the best power washing company in Fairfax County, VA, through our commitment to changing the ways people go about pressure washing their homes, decks, patios, and so much more! We focus on utilizing the technique of soft washing — our process uses less abrasive chemicals to lessen the environmental impact on the surrounding area.

Commercial Power Washing​

We take pride in the pressure washing services we provide our customers. We have extensive experience working with residential properties and providing commercial power washing for businesses that need it. Whether you want to improve the first impression people get when they approach your property or give your roof a sorely needed deep cleaning, we can help with that!

If you are in the Fairfax County, VA, area and your home or commercial property is in need of expert power washing services, why go anywhere else? Contact the EcoTek Power Wash team to schedule an appointment with us today!

Pressure Washing Services​

We’ve wanted to change how people approach pressure washing their homes to remove the dirt and grime that affects the aesthetics of their homes. We also wanted to build a carbon-neutral business that protects the environment from the harsh chemicals typically found in most pressure washers. Our power washing company in Fairfax County, VA, has worked with countless residential and commercial customers to provide a greener alternative to keep their homes and businesses clean.

As the best power washing company in Fairfax County, VA, we’re proud to offer our customers various services to keep their homes looking their absolute best. In addition to commercial power washing, we also provide our customers with the following:

Roof Cleaning

Many homeowners and property managers don’t think about roof cleaning and maintenance routines until after something happens that requires their attention. With leaves, dirt, grime, and other debris from the surrounding area accumulating on your roof, it can quickly get out of hand and cause problems with your gutters and roof. Our roof cleaning services can help restore your roof to its former glory in no time.

The #1 power washing company in Fairfax County, VA, can help you give the roof cleaning services you have always wanted. We employ our soft washing techniques to provide your roof with the freshly installed clean look that you never thought you’d see again.


Why Use Us?

100% Customer Satisfaction​

Out of hundreds of residential customers last year and every year before, we have never had an unsatisfied customer. This is no exaggeration. Why? Simply, because we won’t stop until you are satisfied.

Fast Service​

If you have an urgent need we can usually take care of you within 48 hours.

Local Employees​

We live and work in Northern Virginia! We provide pressure washing services in Alexandria, Arlington, Mclean, Annandale, and Fairfax. Does buying local matter to you? It does to us!

Quality Work – The First Time​

Don’t tell our competitors, but this is our secret to success! This is also why we have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We take pride in our system of excellence and know that we provide a quality service, every time.