Deck And Patio Power Washing In Maryland, DC, And Virginia

Deck And Patio Power Washing

Your outdoor deck and patios offer your family a central place to come together and enjoy the backyard. It becomes your go-to place for grilling, having friends over, and lounging on a sunny day. However, if you haven’t given your patio the maintenance and care it deserves, it probably has seen better days. Some people may try to pressure wash their deck themselves, but the chemicals they use may harm the surrounding environment and cause long-term damage.

Instead of letting grilling parties fall by the wayside, enlist the help of the best patio and deck power washing services in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC areas to give your deck and patio a thorough cleaning!

Finding an experienced patio and deck power washing service that delivers impressive results and doesn’t leave a lasting impact on the surrounding environment shouldn’t consist of such a headache. With the help of EcoTek Power Wash, you can get your outdoor oasis quickly back to its former glory. 

Deck Cleaning Services

Keeping your deck looking its best takes more than merely sweeping the leaves off the deck in the fall. Your deck is subjected to the elements all year round and faces more than its fair share of punishment, affecting its overall look. While trying to pressure wash their deck themselves, they may use inefficient and environmentally damaging chemicals that could be avoided with the help of a professional soft washing service.

Scheduling a deck soft washing from our lineup of deck and patio pressure washing services can help you revitalize your deck and return its former glory as your go-to outdoor party location. The EcoTek Power Wash process focuses on having a carbon-neutral footprint and being an overall more environmentally friendly alternative to other power washing companies. Our deck soft washing uses less abrasive and harsh chemicals that can harm your local environment.

Patio Cleaning Services

It’s not only elevated wooden decks that can benefit from our power washing services. We offer our customers thorough patio soft washing services that aim to get your Maryland backyard patios looking like they were installed yesterday.

Unlike other patio pressure washing services, our patio soft washing focuses on limiting the environmental impact. As with our deck pressure wash service, we approach a patio pressure wash in a similar method. We aim to eliminate overly abrasive chemicals in our patio and deck power washing and reduce the amount of water used in the process.

EcoTek Power Wash has provided our customers with expert patio and deck power washing services for years. But it’s not the only service that we offer! In addition to our patio and deck soft washing and cleaning services, we also provide:

Finding the right patio and deck power washing company to help with your situation shouldn’t be a hassle. EcoTek Power Wash can provide you with the best and environmentally friendly power wash around for those in the greater Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC areas! Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!