Frequently Asked Questions About Power Washing Services

If you have any questions about EcoTek’s business and home power washing, read through our FAQ page to learn more about our services.


Our home power washing and soft washing services utilize an eco-friendly detergent to ensure the safety of the fauna and flora around your home.

Although our power washing services are available throughout the year, a temperate spring day is the perfect time for many homeowners. The snow and ice from the colder months can contain dirt and debris, so washing them away at the beginning of spring is a great way to start the season.


Residential power washing is incredibly strong and can remove even the toughest stains and debris off of hard surfaces. For this reason and more, it’s best for homeowners to have their house power washed at least once or twice a year.


The time for pressure washing a home is dependent on the size of the residence. As a result, the total process can take around 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete.


Our power washing services utilize the strength of water pressure to wash away built-up dirt that’s difficult to remove through normal means. Additionally, power washing can prevent the growth of algae, moss, mold, and other organisms that may harm the condition of your home’s exterior.

The total cost of our power washing services can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of your home or business. For further information, call EcoTek today to receive a free estimate!


While our power washing experts are capable of cleaning your home regardless of whether or not you’re home, we do ask for your presence during the final inspection. During this time, we’ll address any potential oversights.


Power washing is an excellent method to clean hard surfaces like driveways, but not all materials can withstand the water’s pressure. Some surfaces, such as roofing or siding, are more delicate and may be damaged during the power washing process.

In those situations, soft washing is a safer option. Rather than rely on the strength of the water to remove dirt, the soft wash method employs a powerful eco-friendly detergent to clean surfaces. Because soft washing is a much gentler option, it’s the preferred method for roof cleaning services.

During our power washing services, we use water provided by our clients.


It’s beneficial for homeowners to call for roof cleaning services at least once a year to maintain the condition and cleanliness of their roof by washing away leaves, dirt, and other debris. However, certain factors, like the climate and environment, can influence how often your roof needs to be cleaned.

Both pressure washing and power washing utilize high water pressure to clean homes. However, they differ in that the water used for power washing is heated.

Before our power washing experts arrive at your home, ensure that all of the windows have been closed. Additionally, remove any lawn equipment, children’s toys, or other objects.

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