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Nobody expects a driveway to stay in perfect condition throughout its life cycle, especially with the amount of traffic it gets from cars coming to and from your home. Regardless, how your driveway presents itself affects the aesthetic of the rest of your home, and without regular driveway cleaning, your otherwise perfect residence could become an eyesore.

Thanks to EcoTek Power Wash, homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and even Washington, D.C., can take advantage of our driveway power washing and soft washing services! Whether you are looking for asphalt driveway cleaning services or pressure washing for concrete, we can bring our expertise and environmentally-friendly techniques to your home and help you restore your driveway to its original, pristine condition.

Looking for more than just driveway power washing? Not to worry! EcoTek also specializes in the following services in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas:

Eco-Friendly Techniques for Pressure Washing Concrete

While you could turn to any company across Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C., for pressure washing for your driveway cleaning, EcoTek emphasizes cleaning your driveway with green methods that look out for the environment. Our team is trained on all of the latest industry standards, and we use these to find ways to make sure that your driveway power washing is carbon neutral and not harming the environment as much as possible, including monitoring what we use in our cleaning agents.

What to Expect From Our Driveway Cleaning Services

Our team’s process for driveway pressure washing and soft washing starts from the moment you call, as we aim for next-day service for any job we take on. Once we arrive at your home, we take care to remove any dirt and debris from your driveway to make sure none of it ends up in any cracks in the surface that may have formed over time. We ask that you please make sure that any vehicles are removed before any driveway power washing, as the water’s high pressure could potentially damage them!

Once the surface is cleared, we examine the surface to see what we need to address through our driveway cleaning services. Some of the points we look for include cracks we might need to avoid, stains that need to be treated, and anything else that our washers may need to be aware of throughout the driveway pressure washing process. Once all items have been addressed, we will begin soft washing for asphalt driveways and pressure washing for concrete driveways. We use different methodologies for each surface, as asphalt is a more delicate surface and may be more prone to cracking, thus resulting in less pressure used to clean these types of driveways.

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