EcoTek Power Washing & Air-Tite Exteriors Host Angel Tree Event to Support Local Families this Christmas

EcoTek Power Washing & Air-Tite Exteriors Host Angel Tree Event to Support Local Families this Christmas

In a heartwarming act of community engagement and support, EcoTek Power Washing and Air-Tite Exteriors have joined forces to host an Angel Tree Event this Christmas season. The event, aimed at sponsoring over 40 children from the local community, showcases the spirit of giving and solidarity.


1. Angel Tree Event: A Beacon of Hope

The initiative, which began on December 1st, features a Christmas tree uniquely adorned with the names of children in need of support. This initiative provides an opportunity for community members to sponsor a child and contribute to making their holiday season special.


2. Impactful Contributions

In a significant gesture of generosity, for every child sponsored through the event, EcoTek and Air-Tite are donating $50 in grocery gift cards to the child’s family. This initiative not only brings festive joy but also ensures that the families enjoy a nutritious and hearty holiday meal.


3. Remote Participation Expands Reach

Recognizing the diverse circumstances of potential contributors, EcoTek and Air-Tite have facilitated remote participation. This allows individuals who cannot physically visit the tree to still play a part in this charitable cause, ensuring widespread community involvement.


4. A Collective Effort for a Joyful Christmas

The Angel Tree Event by EcoTek and Air-Tite is more than a charitable endeavor; it is a testament to community strength and empathy. The event underscores the companies’ commitment to social responsibility and their desire to positively impact local families during the holiday season.



As the event progresses, EcoTek and Air-Tite continue to encourage community involvement and express their gratitude for the already demonstrated support. This initiative is not just about the gifts under the tree but about the shared warmth and compassion that define the true spirit of the holiday season.

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