Gutter Whitening – Do Power Washing Companies Do This Automatically?

With soft washing a roof, gutter cleaning is standard. Not only does dirt, debris, and other contaminants get washed into the gutters from the roof, there may be some debris in them from surrounding trees. A buildup of debris means that your water flow isn’t working the way it needs to in order to keep your roof protected from water buildup.

With house washing, power washing the gutters so that they look presentable is also standard practice from the ground.

Gutter cleaning, as an individual service, is also something else that most power washing companies offer. 

But what about gutter whitening?

Normal power washing will only do so much for the black streaks that end up on gutters. These are often called tiger stripes and are very difficult to remove. They form due to electrostatic bonding: moisture overflow pours down your gutter and pulls chemicals along with it. 

Gutter whitening is recommended to restore gutters back to their original bright white color. It can significantly increase your property’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to prospective buyers if your home is on the market. 

Whitening involves using a special environmentally friendly chemical to get rid of the chemical buildup from the bonding. After that is allowed to sit, the gutters are rinsed with a pressure washer to wash everything away revealing nice, clean, white gutters!

Is this a standard practice?

Usually, no. This is not done automatically without asking for your permission. When we come out and clean your gutters we will inspect them to see what needs to be done. If we see that you could benefit from gutter whitening, we will go over the process with you and let you know why we’re recommending it. 

Have your gutters cleaned and whitened today with our affordable prices. All you need to do is pick up the phone or send us a message and ask for a free estimate. Our technicians will make a thorough assessment and offer you the best methods and pricing that we have!