Power Washing Commercial Facilities

Power washing isn’t just for residential customers. It can be used for many different facilities, including construction sites and commercial facilities. Places where the public frequents often or a lot of work is done tend to get pretty dirty pretty quickly. Keeping these areas clean is not only good for aesthetics and business, it’s good for the environment and the health of its patrons and employees as well. 

So how is this done?

Power washing a commercial facility works very similar to pressure washing a residential home. The only part that can be different is not having a water source. This is especially true in areas away from the main water source, like parking garages and large parking lots.

Professional power washing companies are equipped to handle situations like this by having their own water source. A pressure washer water tank allows companies to use a pressure washer in any location. 

How often should commercial areas be cleaned?

Every commercial property has different cleaning needs but there are some instances where power washing is necessary.

After storms – Storms can bring in a ton of debris that make it unsightly and sometimes even hazardous for a business to be in operation with the public coming by. Wind and heavy rains can cause dirt build-up on sidewalks and siding. Having pressure washing done after major storms can help protect your property.

After Spills – Some businesses work with machinery and/or chemicals. For example, elements like oil create tough stains. Over time, oil and other chemicals can seep into concrete and not only stain the surface but weaken it as well. 

After Outdoor Events – When commercial facilities host gatherings they tend to get a lot of debris and stains from food and drinks. After an event, power washing can prevent stains from setting in and can even prevent rodent problems. 

Seasonally – In the winter, salt and sand used for melting snow can wreak havoc on concrete and other surfaces. In the spring and summer, pollen and dust can cause allergy upsets, staining, and discoloration. Fall leaves and debris can also affect outside surfaces. Having your commercial property cleaned seasonally is very much recommended. 

If it’s been a while since your commercial facility was cleaned, give us a call! We do free estimates!